Our vision is of a world where location is no longer a barrier to good technical outcomes: where the appropriation of technology enables people, communities and businesses to reach their full potential. To read more about our approach, you can download our Capability Statement here. If you like our thinking and approach, please get in touch! 


Expert independent advisory and support services on policy and regulatory reform, and infrastructure programme development and delivery.

  • Review and advice on energy and renewable energy policy, particularly within a regional and remote area context.

  • Procurement strategy development for infrastructure in challenging technical, political and social contexts.

  • Technical advice on renewable and power systems engineering, and civil and structural infrastructure projects, including detailed analysis of technology options.

  • Prefeasibility and feasibility studies for a wide range of infrastructure in remote and regional areas.

  • Demand management and energy efficiency programme development for communities and commercial operations.

  • Development of rural electrification projects and programmes including comprehensive community energy planning models and demand management strategies.

  • Advice and capacity building on communication and community consultation and engagement processes for infrastructure projects.

Design Engineering

In-house electrical, structural, civil and environmental engineering capabilities, complemented by experienced data analysts. 

  • Electrical power system design - we have been at the forefront of renewable energy and power systems engineering since 2007.

  • Metering and control system design.

  • Network integration and connection design.

  • Data acquisition and management system specification.

  • Environmental management planning and design for infrastructure projects.

  • Demand management hardware design.

  • Structural engineering design and certification.

  • Co-ordination of design briefs and documentation.

  • Preparation of technical specifications and contract documentation.

Our team is expert at engineering innovative solutions to the complex challenges of remote area infrastructure development. We have won numerous engineering excellence awards from Engineers Australia, including the prestigious Sir William Hudson Award (2011).

Project Implementation

Experienced ‘boots on the ground’ project management services from staff who live and understand the challenges of developing and building infrastructure in remote, regional and marginalised areas. 

We have delivered many successful projects across a range of different markets and have a reputation for highly responsive, quality-focused project delivery. 

  • We have delivered many successful projects across a range of different markets and have a reputation for highly responsive, quality-focused project delivery. 

  • Project and construction management, including procurement and contract management site supervision, acceptance testing and commissioning.

  • Management of projects requiring high levels of stakeholder engagement and communication.

  • ‘Turnkey’ delivery of rural electrification projects.

  • Monitoring, surveillance and quality assurance on international development and aid projects.

  • Energy efficiency programme management including auditing and implementation of recommendations.

  • Development and delivery of governance, training and support frameworks and programmes for remote and regional area infrastructure.

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Lyndon Frearson   Managing Director & Principal Consultant

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Managing Director & Principal Consultant

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