Ekistica is a professional advisory and technical consultancy firm based in Central Australia with clients that include state and national governments, intergovernmental agencies, power utilities, community service organisations, large commercial firms and private investment firms.

We deliver innovative solutions to the complex challenges of remote area infrastructure development and are ready to help with your advisory, project development, engineering design and project delivery needs.   

Our team of more than twenty professional engineers, project managers, engagement specialists and data analysts can provide you with the following services:



We translate and frame your requirements as the client, the project and the various stakeholders so we can map the optimal way forward.

design engineering

We develop innovative and high-quality technical solutions that reflect the needs and interests of all the parties.


project implementation

We deliver projects and technical solutions in a way that effectively manages all the associated risks and opportunities.

At Ekistica, we embrace complexity. We take the time to accept and understand it, then design solutions that speak to your aspirations and needs through addressing the underlying issues, not the superficial ones.

Our approach is founded on our experience working across a wide range of infrastructure projects including stand-alone power systems in remote Indigenous communities and pacific islands, regional aquatic centers, remote housing programs, renewable generation facilities at commercial airports and tourism ventures, and utility scale wind and solar farms.

We believe that the barriers to delivery of good infrastructure and technical services, regardless of location, are only resolved by a people-centred, holistic appreciation of complexity, context and communication.

Our vision is a world where location is not a barrier to good technical outcomes, where the appropriation of technology enables people, communities and businesses to reach their full potential.

Our Belief System

We believe that the presence of complexity should never be a justification for not achieving good technical outcomes that are tailored to the requirements of a given circumstance.

We believe that context is everything: it defines the relationship of technical solutions to people and place. An awareness and understanding of context allows us to find a pathway through complexity.

We believe in continuous engagement. It’s how we understand the story of every stakeholder and project; and through these stories, and the translation of these stories that we are able understand and define the context

 The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
— Marcel Proust - Remembrance of Things Past
Post cyclone rehabilitation of remote school water supply and sanitation facilities, Fiji.

Post cyclone rehabilitation of remote school water supply and sanitation facilities, Fiji.

9m satellite antennae pedestal, Geoscience Australia, Alice Springs.

9m satellite antennae pedestal, Geoscience Australia, Alice Springs.