PJ Young

PJ (Peter) Young

Senior Project Manager

PJ is a civil engineer and economist with over ten years of experience in the engineering industry working on projects in remote Central Australia, Alice Springs, Adelaide, Canberra, far north Queensland, the Pilbara region of Western Australia, Tonga and Nauru. 

PJ has provided design engineering and project delivery services to local government agencies, Indigenous corporations, utilities and commercial firms for a variety of large remote and regional infrastructure projects including remote community swimming pool, a CBD redevelopment and a regional aquatic centre, with an aggregate construction value in excess of $25 million.  He is experienced in waste management facility design, refurbishing and upgrades to potable water storage and supply networks and civil design works related to renewable energy solar PV ground-mounted systems. His experience in the water industry extends to cost engineering for preliminary economic assessments, and detailed design for projects within remote areas of Australia and the Pacific.

In addition to power system engineering, PJ’s capabilities also include business management system development, compliance, auditing and monitoring.

As a senior project manager, with Ekistica, PJ provides clients with a range of services including civil and hydraulic engineering design, community water safety planning, stormwater management and remote area project and construction management. He has a keen understanding of the critical interrelation of people, place and technology and, as a design engineer, is very conscious that while cost and quality are critical aspects, that they must also be contextualized by consideration for the intellectual, labour and logistical supply chains available to support their delivery.