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Paul Coull

Paul has extensive experience in the Renewable Energy sector, including design engineering, project management, system installation and commissioning, and commercial management. Both trade certified with extensive experience as a fitter and machinist, and a qualified engineer, he is one of Australia’s leading recognised small hydro experts.

Paul brings to his role role with Ekistica a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from previous technical and management roles with the Australian remote electrification project, Bushlight, as well as from many years operating his own business as a freelance Hydropower and Renewable Energy Engineer/Consultant. His specialisations include isolated village electrification, grid connected generation, energy recovery from water systems and technical management of a national Renewable Energy project. Paul has also worked offshore in Papua New Guinea, Zimbabwe, Micronesia, and Canada.

Paul is a active member of the Alternative Technology Association, and the Tasmanian Renewable Energy Alliance (TREA), and has a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accreditation in Stand Alone Power System and Micro Hydro design and installation.

Paul is committed to the delivery of innovative engineering solutions.  He understands the importance of high quality technical leadership and meaningful community engagement, in particular with people from non-English speaking backgrounds, including remote area Indigenous communities, and brings with him a wealth of knowledge that can create and deliver tailored solutions to challenging and diverse contexts.